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Make Any Surface Magnet-Ready!

With magnetic paint, magnets are no longer limited to your fridge door! Put magnets on any paintable surface you like using magnetic paint. The magnetic properties come from tiny iron fragments suspended in the paint. Once applied, these create an ideal surface for magnets to stick to. Magnetic paint is available in a number of different products; you can buy it as a primer to be applied first before you paint over it with your paint colour of choice, or, you can buy magnetic chalkboard paint and get the best of both worlds in one product!

Magnetic Paint That's Also A Chalkboard?

With Magnamagic magnetic chalkboard paint you can get the best of both worlds, saving yourself the effort and time required to paint and cleanup multiple coats of two separate products. Simply pick up one can and you can paint both a chalkboard and a magnetic surface at the same time!


Some awesome magnetic paint ideas include:

  • Attach posters or artwork to walls without damaging either the surface of the wall or the poster.
  • Fashion attractive and unique walls by attaching magnetic stencils.
  • Create instant spelling fun with a magnetic painted wall and magnetic alphabet!

Magnetic paint is available in a variety of paint brands including, but not limited to, Rustoluem magnetic paint and Magnamagic magnetic chalkboard paint. For further information feel free to give us a call!

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