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Briwax Original – Professional Wood Finishing Wax

Briwax Original is a specially formulated blend of beeswax and carnauba wax, a unique blend compared to the majority of waxes available on the market today (which contain turpentine or mineral spirits). Beeswax and carnauba wax also happen to be the two most highly recommended wood finishing waxes available, making Briwax Original an exceptional wood finishing product.

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Discovered in 1860 by Henry Flack, the special blend of waxes has not changed since its inception. Henry’s formula was so remarkable it gained recognition from the British Crown. Acquired in 1961 by J.W. Bollum & Co the brand has since grown into a well-known name in both the DIY and professional finishing products market. Today, Briwax Original still stands above the competition as a high-quality wood finishing product.

What consumers are saying about Briwax Original:

“This stuff is great. Several years ago I used to quickly refinish floors, furniture, and trim work. I used it in a pinch to ‘refinish’ old items easily. Excess will stain so make sure you rub it out really well.”

“A fan for life, I grabbed Briwax Original on the suggestion from a friend of mine. I attacked an old table I got from the second-hand store, sanded the top of it bare and used the Briwax on it – it looked beautiful! This product took a beat up second-hand table and transformed it into a fantastic dining room table”

“Wish I had found this product before I tried out regular, run-of-the-mill stains. Briwax Original is so easy to use and the results are just great. I had a custom chest built and found out that this product was used to match it to the rest of my set. I really have to admit the end result of the chest is far superior over the regular stain.”

Briwax Original is available from your Benjamin Moore paint & wallpaper store – Primetime Paint & Paper. For more information on Briwax Original feel free to give us a call.

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