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Primetime Paint & Paper carries Abatron restoration products. Abatron is recognized by many industry leaders as a great manufacturer of restoration products for wood, metal, ceramic, stone, and concrete, as well as many other coatings and finishes. We carry a variety of epoxies and adhesives from Abatron that are quite useful in many different situations and materials.

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LiquidWood™ – Complete Wood Restoration

Abatron LiquidWoodInfuses Deteriorated Wood with Integrity and Durability
If you have a piece of broken down wood that could easily crumble, inject it with LiquidWood™ to bring it back to a hard, weather resistant and durable state, even better than it originally was. Once hardened, you can work it as you would with normal wood by sawing, sanding, routing, carving, drilling, nailing, and painting. It is also used as a primer for Abatron WoodEpox™.

Use it to restore and weatherproof rotted out or spongy wood. It’s ideal for flashing, window and door sills or frames, stairs, floors, molding, shutters, even furniture! Use it on your boat or to restore some artwork.

Features: LiquidWood™ adheres well to just about any wood. It adds structural strength and stability, as well as water resistance. It is a two part compound (A and B) and easy to use. The compounds are reactive and produce no VOCs or bad smells.

Characteristics: The two components are clear epoxy liquids: the resin (A), and the hardener (B). When combined (in equal volume) and stirred, the subsequent LiquidWood™ has great strengthening and impregnation properties for porous materials such as wood.

To apply: After mixing, pour it on to the wood or brush it on. It will penetrate deep into the wood’s fibers and then harden in minutes to hours. The resulting mass is free of distortion, resistant to water, and has high tensile strength. 1:1 Ratio, 100% Solid, with a 30 minute lifespan.

WoodEpox™ – Putty Based Wood Restoration

Abatron WoodEpoxWoodEpox™ is a strong putty wood replacement compound. Use it on any thickness of wood for structure or decorative situations. Great for repairing, filling, or extending wood as well as other materials. Use WoodExpox to repair or replace any destroyed or flawed wood. It can be used in art restoration, on door frames, wooden columns, thresholds, and much more.

WoodEpox™ creates a permanent, high-strength bond on most surfaces and materials. It can be used to fill up holes and cracks and does not crumble like most filler materials. It is especially useful as it can be treated as wood once it has bonded. You may sand it, cut it, carve it, paint it, anything you could do to wood you could do to WoodEpox™. It can be cast, bent, and sculpted before hardening. You can also use WoodEpox™ on fiberglass, ceramic, glass, concrete, or metals. The color may be modified by adding dyes or stains. It is one of the most useful, durable, and flexible (while being very hard) filler materials available.

WoodEpox™ comes as a 2 part epoxy adhesive system: part A is resin paste and B is hardener paste. When they are combined and mixed in equal volume, you are left with a blend that hardens in one to two hours. It is light-weight, weather resistant, and does not shrink. 100% solid. 1:1 ratio. 20 minute pot life.

Repair and resurface concrete with Abocrete

You can use Abocrete for many concrete repair and maintenance applications. An epoxy, Abocrete can bond solidly with concrete, and can be used to install fixtures or repair cracks and holes. It can even be used to resurface concrete. Useful for sidewalks, driveways, playgrounds, or anywhere else where concrete requires repairs, Abocrete resists corrosion from oils, salt water, and other chemicals that are harmful to concrete. For this reason, it makes a great resurfacing choice for protecting your concrete.

Top-notch adhesives and sealants

Another great line of products from Abatron are their many forms of adhesives and sealants. Epoxies, anchoring compounds, joint sealants; they have a bit of everything for every type of surface. Structural adhesives such as the Aboweld line can be utilized for architectural and repair tasks, while BestBond can be used on many forms of wood and other porous materials.

Use their great sealants to protect wood, concrete, metal, or other materials from weather damage and water intrusion. Patch leaks, and repair materials using Abatron products for the best possible outcome.

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