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Eli ChemResins | Resi-Tint MAX

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Color: Azure Blue

Resi-TINT MAX Pigment Paste

A high-quality color paste based on prepolymer: resi-TINT MAX. A major advantage of these pastes is their chemical composition. The prepolymers they contain ensure that these color pastes bond well with the resin - because resin contains polymers and the saying "like goes with like" applies here. What you get out of it: With such pigment pastes in the resin, you conjure up great optical effects on your artwork.

Important facts about resi-TINT MAX

  • Color pastes based on prepolymers have a high viscosity, i.e. they are viscous.
  • resi-TINT MAX colors resin intensively, opaquely and evenly.
  • resi-TINT MAX is very highly concentrated, so that you only need a small amount of it to color resin: For 200 ml mixed resin you need only 2-5 g resi-TINT MAX.
  • The degree of light fastness is predominantly very high. Most of our resi-TINT MAX colors have a BW light fastness class of 8.

Application of resi-TINT MAX

  • resi-TINT MAX is easy to mix into the mixed resin. Add it and stir well.
  • This color paste is well suited for all resin systems from Eli-Chem.
  • For stronger effects in the resin surface, add additional resi-BLAST to the mixture of resin and pigment paste.