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Remix Walls | Blooming Floral Mural Wallpaper in Darling Pink

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Blooming Mural Wallpaper is a modern twist on floral wallpaper. With a 'Sleek White' background, 'Darling Pink' flowers and 'Green Leaves.

These watercolours are sure to transform your room into a dreamy space.

Blooming Floral Mural Wallpaper in Darling Pink comes on 7 panels and measures 12-ft 2-in wide x 9-ft high, when assembled.

For a wider wall, additional murals may be ordered, as the patterns are designed to ‘connect’.

How Much to Order: (Murals Connect)

Examples - Based on Total Lineal Feet:

(By adding up all your walls)

Up to 12 feet (wide): 1 Mural

12 feet to 24 feet (wide): 2 Murals

24 feet to 36 feet (wide): 3 Murals

36 feet to 48 feet (wide): 4 Murals

48 feet to 60 feet (wide): 5 Murals

60 feet to 72 feet (wide): 6 Murals

  • Modern greyscale roses with whimsical watercolour finishes
  • Part of the REMIX Walls by Katie Hunt x A-Street Prints collection
  • Printed on non-woven material
  • Paste not included
  • Comes in 7 panels
  • Measures 12-ft 2-in x 9-ft by when assembled (Murals Connect)