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One of the rooms most often passed over when it comes time to remodel is the laundry room (unless you’ve got a show box sized laundry room). It’s relatively unvisited by strangers, unless you’ve got a really fancy one. And everytime you visit this room it’s just to load dirty laundry, move laundry to the drier, fold laundry, hang laundry, etc. So why bother putting much effort, or thought into the perfect paint colour for your laundry room?

You have to choose some colour for this room, but leaving it good old “contractor white” is usually never a good idea. So, do you use some leftover paints from one of your other rooms? Do you delve into colour psychology in an attempt to brainwash your significant other to handle all the laundry room chores? Or, perhaps you can find a colour that’ll fill you with bliss in an attempt to make the doing the chores more enjoyable? Goodluck! The truth is that you can do more with your laundry room than just leave it the boring, stale, lifeless husk this room tends to be.

It’s common to find many laundry rooms using the standard neutral adorning the rest of the home. So, what are your options? Generally you’ll want to stick to some sort of a neutral colour but simply add some spark to the room. For instance, take a look at your floor and find a paint colour that’ll go with the styling of your floor is a great way to pull the room together. Most laundry room appliances will be black or white based colour schemes and will go with just about anything. So consider choosing a colour that matches your countertop, this is another way to tie the room together. If this is still putting you to sleep, you can try a cool coastal colour. Consider a light blue or soothing green which tend to be very soft and relaxing, the perfect balance to monotonous boring chores.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic experience with your laundry, brown is definitely a great place to start. Most browns will go with your standard cabinetry, counter top, and run of the mill appliance colour schemes. Brown is a great colour since it plays well with others but still has enough presence to make a statement, also it will do a good job to cover up any bumps and scuffs which inevitably happen during your standard laundry room adventure.

Now, if these colour schemes still aren’t tickling your fancy, it’s time to get more serious. You might want to try a bright, bold, or vivid paint colour. Make sure you pick something that does not stand out incredibly from the rest of your home, if you’re keen on maintaining a harmonious look that is. If in doubt it’s not a bad idea to consult a professional.

In the end, spending a bit of time considering how you want your laundry room to look can really help improve the look of your home. You will end up spending a considerable amount of your time in this room, often simply doing chores, so ensuring that it looks it’s best will help to improve the quality of your life substantially.

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