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Kitchen paints, like every other room, go through phases and trends. Some may will fade away, and some will last forever. Knowing which colour will stay in fashion is about knowing what’s out there, what’s popular for vain reasons, and what’s actually working with today’s latest innovations in home decorating and paint technology. Luckily, many of the world’s top paint manufacturers have their ears to the ground, or rather their eyes to the walls, about what’s the hottest new colours out there. Today, we wanted to share what’s on the horizon for kitchen paint schemes for 2015. That way, your kitchen renovation can be contemporary now and remain classic until it’s time for another facelift.

pantone color of the year marsala

Probably the most talked about colour this year is marsala, named after the deep red Sicilian wine that’s enjoyed around the world. It falls into the deep wine colours that have been springing up recently, which offer a bold take that’s also homely and comforting. It’s full-bodied, not unlike it’s vino counterpart, and complements other schemes as an accent colour or commands an entire room on its own. Really, it’s up to you as it’s earthy, rich colouring can add a modern or rustic flavour to your kitchen.

If your home has a classic or vintage feel, say with Grecian-style pillars, oversize casings, or detailed pocket doors, then you may want something that’s a bit more neutral. Neutrals have always been a popular choice since they go with almost everything, but there’s a difference between painting so you don’t have to for awhile and painting to stay classy. Choosing a natural neutral, like a soft yet sophisticated green, will definitely put you in the latter category, and it will stand the test of time longer than other, more bold choices.

pink kitchen

Open concept spaces like kitchens can often benefit from splashes of colour, but people often think too small. Rather than change just your backsplashes or cupboards, which is a relatively safe way to get a quick, but cheap looking facelift, why not go for a vivacious accent wall. Coral colours, especially pinks, can draw people’s eyes the second they enter your kitchen, and can command a room with confidence and style. After all, you’re confident and stylish, so why not have a wall that matches?

Kitchen colours can be difficult to pick, but adding a simple fresh coat of paint, even to a single wall, can completely change your cooking area and make your home much more fashionable. While new appliances and cookware can be expensive, a few cans of the hottest and latest colours of paint can completely recreate your kitchen and have people floored. Kitchens are, after all, where people gather, so it should look its absolute best. Just consider the space and your own priorities before settling on a specific colour, and make sure to commit to your scheme.

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