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Exterior Painting, Does Your Home Really Need It?

home in toronto in need of exterior painting

Exterior painting can be a labourious process, one that involves hours of outside work, buying all sorts of new materials, and choosing a new paint colour for your project. This can all seem like a pain and many people try to delay the inevitable as long as possible. But painting the exterior of your home can not only be fun (unless it’s the dead of winter), it may simply be necessary to protecting your home.

Every time your house shields you from a thunder storm, protects you from intense winds, or shelters you from the hot sun, the paint on your house is doing the same thing. Rain, dirt, and heat will all slowly degrade the paint on the outside of your home, meaning that it may be time to replace the paint to help your house look better after years of abuse. Think of it as a thank you to your home for all the years of shelter it has provided you.

But exterior paint is more than just an added buffer to the elements, it is an integral part of your home’s defenses. A quality exterior paint, such as Benjamin Moore, protects your home from water damage and provides a surface that is easy to clean. A good exterior paint job, then, will help prevent water from seeping into parts of your home and keep it looking its best.

Does Your Home Need Painting?

So how do you know if your home needs exterior painting? There are more than a few signs that it needs done. One is the colour. If your house’s colour is faded, then the paint is wearing out, meaning your home is more susceptible to those nasty elements. Dirty exterior walls can also indicate that your paint is becoming less effective. The more difficult the surface is to clean, the more likely you need to repaint the surface. Another tip is to find a relatively sheltered or hidden part of the painted surface and put some tape on it. Strip it away and see what happens. If the paint is taken with it, the whole coat is separating from the house, leaving space for dirt and water to start causing problems under the surface. That will need to be taken care of right away.

The most obvious reason to paint the exterior of your home is if the paint is already chipping. When your home’s paint is already falling off, bigger problems are only one bout of bad weather away, which could leave your home looking bad and also suffering from intense damage from any number of weather-related incidents. Rather than wait in these instances, you should consider painting your home right away.

But if all else fails, just go with your gut feeling. People are starting to trust their own instincts less and less, but if you find yourself thinking that you need to revamp the exterior of your home, then your house could probably do with some exterior painting. You may have noticed some small details over a long period of time that you think you forgot about, or someone could have mentioned something. Whatever the reason, be it fading colour or chipping or simply a gut feeling, exterior painting is always a great option to keep your home safe and beautiful.

If you ever have any questions about the right exterior paint product for your project, feel free to visit us or give us a call.

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