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Whiteboard paint is one of the best inventions out there. The paint is easy to apply, easy to use, and comes with none of the mess of a blackboard. Whiteboards can make any space, from home to office, a much more better space, both for productivity and looking great.

For those who don’t know, it is entirely possible to paint your own white boards, you no longer have to buy them and try to fit them into your space. Instead, you can use whiteboard paint to turn any existing surface into a whiteboard, integrating a productive surface into an already existing space. Alternatively, you can paint a very large space, meaning your brainstorming area can hold some very big ideas.

White board paint is especially handy on things like kitchen cupboards. A cupboard is always moving, making a whiteboard on top clunky and pointless, but with whiteboard paint, you can turn the cupboard itself into a whiteboard. Before your next big dinner party or neighbourhood potluck, label your cupboards with what’s inside. Then whenever asks you where something is, just tell them to read the cupboards. That way, your guests can help and you can actually enjoy hosting over trying to describe where everything you keep plastic cups.

One reason that whiteboards are great for productivity outside of dinner parties is their chance to generate creativity. For many freelancers working from home, unproductive distractions like television or surfing the internet can really cut down on a productive day. But whiteboards can give you a space to be distracted and productive. Doodles, lists, easily erasable idea generators, these are all distractions that can help you forget your work at hand while still keeping your mind engaged. You may have heard that taking a shower is a great way to get through a tough work problem; well, whiteboard doodling can also help in a similar way. Plus, being easily erasable, you can turn that doodle space into a work space instantly.

At the office, whiteboards are regularly used in meetings to communicate ideas, spread memos, and announce changes, but because whiteboard paint is great anywhere, they can become a better part of any office. If there are team members working different schedules, for example, they can leave notes on their progress, etcetera on whiteboards. Suggestions for where to go next, whether in a project or that next office party, can also go on the whiteboards. All these reasons keep an office communicating,

Too often, we have great ideas that we quickly forget, but with an easily accessible whiteboard, those ideas can get lost. With a whiteboard made with whiteboard paint, you can combine the easy communication of whiteboards with the convenience of wherever works best. for your office. Instead of relying on paper, which isn’t as erasable, blackboards that get dust everywhere, or store-bought whiteboards that can’t be hung just anywhere, get some whiteboard paint. Start turning blank, unused surfaces into whiteboards to keep you on track. And if you happen to draw some pretty cool pictures along the way, that’s okay too.

For more information on whiteboard paint, or any other speciality paint, be sure to contact us for details.

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