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4 Decorating Ideas You Didn’t Think of

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Converting an old space into something new and dynamic doesn’t mean you have to renovate. Sometimes, all you need to do is decorate. The internet is filled with very elaborate and truly unique decorating tips, from aquarium headboards to clear bathtubs, but not all of us have the time, money, or resources to make such extreme makeovers. So instead, if you’re in need of something fresh and new, here are some great decorating tips we’ve discovered that could help. Each of these are relatively quick and simple, but the results will surely turn some heads.

1. Painting Your Ceiling

When people paint, they rarely think to look up, but that is exactly where a great paint job can turn into a dynamic decorating decision. Ceilings can be painted just like any other surface and can tie a room together much better than excessive accessories. Next time you want to make a room really pop, to make your friends really take notice, consider painting your ceiling a colour you thought only for your walls. It’s just like a gallery wall, a wall painted a different colour from all the others, except a bit bolder.

2. Grasscloth Wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in many different forms, but grasscloth is the latest and most eco-friendly wallpaper available. Using it in rooms that need softening, whether in bedrooms or homey living rooms, and take comfort in knowing the wallpaper is better for the environment. Grasscloth wallpaper comes in different colours but also different textures, so they can make a room look very unique very subtlety.

3. Convertible Furniture

A recent article in Toronto Life magazine talked about the “Condo Generation,” how young families are raising their children in smaller and smaller spaces. This is where multifunctional furniture comes in, making spaces usually dedicated to one activity into a multipurpose space saver. A serving cart with locking wheels, for example, makes a great addition to a smaller table for extra seating and can store things everyday. If space is an issue, get creative with how one piece of furniture can change the overall look of a room while making it more usable.

4. Screens

Screens are being used much more often these days to separate spaces and create new spaces in existing rooms. They can be very functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fashionable. People are using screens to give boring rooms more interesting angles, for example, and the available patterns and colours mean they can be a defining feature of the rooms they create.

Sometimes great decorating comes from less rather than more. Simple solutions, like adding wallpaper or painting one surface, can completely change the look and feel for a room without breaking the bank. The next time you need some change in your home, don’t worry about price or complexity. Think about how less, sometimes, is much, much more. With these decorating tips, you can get a fresh look with relatively little time and money.

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