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Autumn is here and that means winter is just around the corner. For many people, the panic of Christmas is already settling in, but there is something more important and in need of your attention right away: your home. With autumn and winter come the cold weather and, in the case of your home, a strong defence is your best offence. We’ve compiled some of the most important things to consider when it comes to prepping your home for winter. With these tips, you’ll be warmer, safer, and happier in the coming months.

Paint Before it Gets too Cold

Painting outdoors in the winter is a near-impossible task. Paint is simply not designed to dry in the cold, it will crack and peel and fail to bond properly. So any outdoor painting needs to happen in the fall, before winter sets in. For the colder months, it’s best to focus your painting efforts on things you’ll still use in the winter: railings, decks, and similar pieces. Be sure a wire brush to scrub away any loose paint chips before repainting to give you the proper surface for painting. After that, the right kind of paint for the job will keep those handy outdoor pieces you still use in the winter looking and performing their best.

Waterproof Means Warmer Winters

Doors and windows let in the cold, everyone knows that, so making sure they’re all ready for winter is key to keeping your heating costs low and your family comfortable in the coming months. Wherever water can get, cold air can also seep through and, if water gets trapped in small places before winter, it can expand and make matters worse. Before the cold comes, check all of your doors and windows and replace any fixtures or weather stripping that has worn away. This will keep the cold out of your home in the fall and winter and also make your home less susceptible to water damage in the other seasons.

Top to Bottom Care

Everything from your drains and spouts all the way to the top shingle on your roof needs a thorough inspection before the snow comes because you’ll have a harder time getting reasonable prices for winter roofers. But in the fall, they do a great job that won’t impact your heating bill. The same goes for drains and spouts: good luck cleaning these out below the freezing point, the water in there will freeze, expand, and ruin things. So watch out for excess water and keep your drains and spouts clear for the winter.

There are plenty of other things you can do to prepare your home for autumn, but these three tips are a surefire way to keep your family and home safe and warm as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. Be sure to clear out all water, inspect your home for leaks and cracks, and repaint any surfaces that need work.

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