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While our provocative title might have you believe we stand for wallpaper over paint, this is not the case (sorry to disappoint), but there are some very intriguing reasons you may want to select wallpaper instead of paint for your project, so read on!

Wallpaper, once relegated to children’s bedrooms and tacky living rooms, has been making a steady comeback in the last decade. But what makes wallpaper better than paint? Today, we decided to fill you on a few reasons you may decide to choose wallpaper for your next interior decorating project.

More Dynamic Design Choices

Wallpaper designs have come a long way from the glam vinyl of the seventies and your kids’ bedrooms. Nowadays, new technologies means the options are literally endless for the patterns and prints.

Designers are falling in love with wallpaper because that they can match patterns in the decorating just as much with the walls. Patterns and prints can range from playful to classic, meaning wallpaper can completely change a room’s mood in any way you choose. And with the different materials, wallpaper can either make a statement or enhance what everything else is doing.

And anyone who’s decided to paint a wall can tell you that, no matter how hard putting paint on the walls is, putting it on the roof is even worse. Luckily, the ease that wallpaper goes up, your room’s ‘fifth wall’ is another place to get a unique look for your rooms.

Textures Paint Just Can’t Get

To make a room look truly unique with paint, to give it that special cozy look that requires more than just flat paint, people have to use some extreme methods. ‘Strategic’ chipping, strange textured products, and special tools are all required to do what wallpaper does naturally.

From new vinyl styles to the great comeback of grasscloth, wallpaper comes in almost as many textures as it does patterns.

It’s Just Plain Easier

Rollers, brushes, tape, primer, multiple coats, patching, sanding, priming and all that other stuff. Most rooms in the process of getting a fresh coat of paint look the same, cluttered and unliveable.

But wallpaper goes up quicker and with less hassle that paint and that means your room will look great in less time. Wallpaper is also easier to make even. Where painting usually requires multiple coats that can look inconsistent without near-obsessive levels of care, wallpaper just needs to be lined up and hung. No fuss, little mess, and a great looking room without the cleanup.

Another great benefit is that wallpaper covers up your wall’s minor blemishes as well, which will cut down the time and effort needed to prep surfaces before painting.

So the next time you are in your favourite paint store, take a moment to look at our wallpaper suggestions. You’ll find inspiration and beauty easily, sure to get your creative side running overtime with all the available patterns, prints, and textures. Combine those with the ease of hanging and wallpaper may just be your next best decision you ever made.

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