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If you are searching to decorate your home in a useful and unique way, perhaps chalkboard paint is right for you. If you have kids, an office, or a kitchen that you want to make more of an interactive space for the whole family, this could do the trick. Chalkboard paint is matte in texture and could add a modern flair to the look of your home. You don’t have to confine chalkboard paint to walls. You could paint furniture, floors, and small household accessories. Also, chalkboard paint is very versatile. It can be simply a decorative feature in your home that is not used as an actual chalkboard, or you can write on it if you wish. However, if you do choose to use them like a chalkboard, the great thing about chalkboard paint is that it won’t ruin the walls; you can just wipe it clean.

Here are three useful chalkboard paint ideas that you can incorporate into your home!

Chalkboard Paint In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to incorporate chalkboard paint into your home because it is a family space that is meant to be interactive. Painting your cupboards with chalkboard paint is a useful way to jot down ingredients, recipes, weekly menu ideas, and grocery lists. Painting the small sections of your walls could also make it handy to write notes or little reminders to family members or house mates.

Another idea is to use chalkboard paint instead of the common tile back-splash along the counter. This modern and unique decorating trick is gaining popularity right now. Lastly, you could choose a wall, such as the one behind the kitchen table, to paint as a chalkboard. If you have kids this could be useful as a place to write on while doing homework, or play on while you make dinner in the kitchen.

In The Office

Many people have bulletin boards in their office to post reminders, inspirational images and notes above their desk. Imagine extending this idea to the entire wall. Painting a wall in your office with chalkboard paint would allow you to write to do lists, phone numbers, important reminders and jot down any random notes of inspiration quickly and easily. An added bonus is that it is environmentally friendly; using a chalkboard instead of many pieces of disposable paper reduces your carbon footprint and will make your office look more sleek, utilitarian and modern.

Chalkboard In The Kids Play Room

Many people have a problem with children who write on the walls. This is often an unavoidable problem with families who have young children and crayons and markers in the house that are within reach to children. White walls often look like a blank canvas for kids to draw all over. The problem with drawing all over freshly painted white walls is that you cannot wash it off! Having a chalkboard wall as a designated area to draw on will solve this problem and teach children to colour inside the lines, so to speak, or at least not all over your walls!

Hopefully these ideas will help you incorporate chalkboard paint into your home in a way that is useful, attractive and enjoyable!

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