4 Reasons You’ll Love Plutonium Paint

One of the greatest recent innovations in painting has come not from a paint brush or a bucket, but from a can. It’s called “Plutonium Paint – Ultra Supreme Professional Grade Aerosol Paint” and it is changing the way people look at paint. Using the latest in aerosol and painting technology, this new kind of paint could make your painting experiences easier, and leave you with better results. Here are just a few reasons why you should select Plutonium Paint for your next project.

  1. Fast-Drying Spray Paint

One of the best aspects of Plutonium Paint is how quickly it dries. Unlike other aerosol paints, plutonium can dry in as little as three minutes. This means you can apply a second coat in a much faster time, and get the look you want way quicker than if you used traditional aerosol paints. So if your project requires a lot of layers of paint, consider Plutonium Paint for better and faster results. But a word to the wise: this paint is so quick to dry, you need to hold it closer to the surface that you are painting. Try to keep it as close as three inches away, or else the paint may dry mid-air and become useless.

  1. Durable Finish

Spray paint is notoriously fragile, flaking and falling apart for a myriad of reasons. But this isn’t the case with Plutonium Paint. Plutonium, thanks in part to your ability to put on multiple layers in a short amount of time, hardens as it dries. The result is a tough and durable matte finish that can last longer than other aerosol painting options.

  1. Fuller Colour

Plutonium paint’s unique and ingenious construction actually makes pigments more dense, resulting in a better colour in the end result. Where many aerosol paints have a hard time completely covering a surface in a new colour, plutonium’s dense pigmentation can fully conceal the old colours, all while providing a solid, bright and dense colour scheme that’s often difficult to find in aerosol paints. If you want great looking colours done in less time, and that look more complete, try out a Plutonium Paint can. It can give you results other aerosol paints simply cannot. And with over 40 available colours, you are sure to find something that works for you.

  1. Easy to Use

Finally, Plutonium Paint is easy to use. The can can spray at nearly any angle, including completely upside down, so you can get at all those hard-to-reach places easily and effectively. The dense colouring also eliminates the need for a primer coat, so you can start painting with the colour and product you want right away.

Plutonium paint is one of the most innovative aerosol painting products available. It can give you the colours you want, in a density that’s unparalleled by other aerosol paints, and it can do this in just a fraction of the time. So if you’re looking for an aerosol pain that’s easy-to-use and gives great results, we highly recommend you come by your local Toronto Plutonium Paint dealer.

Why Choose The Radius 360 Sanding Tool?

There are a number of painting supplies you’ll need for a painting project, a sanding tool is one of them. The Radius 360 sanding tool is a tried and tested way to get the best sanding results for your drywall and surfaces alike. Consisting of an attachable pole-mount, a large circular working surface, smooth action, and pads to help with nearly any surface, it’s an essential tool for almost anyone who needs to sand down drywall. There are plenty of reasons to add a Radius 360 to your painting tools, here are just five.

Smooth Sanding Motion Leads to Perfectly Sanded Surfaces

Sanding is a curious process. On the one hand, the surface needs to be slightly rough so that the paint can stick to the walls easier. But it also needs to be smooth an even. Striking that balance can be difficult when you do it by hand. But with the smooth movement of the Radius 360, you’ll get that perfect balance in much less time. The circular bodied sanding head is specifically designed to resist flipping and allows for a full range of productive movement, this means less time is spent re-positioning the sander, as is required with traditional sanders, and more time actually sanding.

Smoother Sanding Means Better Painting Surfaces

More even surfaces means that the painting process will be much easier, and have much better end results. It all comes down to consistency. With the Radius 360, you’ll get the right surface for your painting without having to worry about inconsistent looks. This is largely due to the flat consistent backing that the sanding paper adheres to via hook-and-loops connection, resulting in even pressure dispersion. That means a smoother-looking paint job that’s easier to paint and looks great.

Many Sanding Options, Quickly Swap Sandpapers

Designed for use by professionals and the wise DIYer alike, the Radius 360 has a wide range of sandpaper options available so you’ll find exactly what you need for your project. Papers can be swapped easily so you can have the right grain on the right surface in an instant. The result will be better suited sanding for the job at hand, and an overall better-looking surface at the end of the project.

High Productivity, Complete Your Sanding Fast

Sanding is time consuming and labour intensive, but with the Radius 360, your sanding job can happen in record time. It’s removable pole attachment means you can get to hard-to-reach places in an instant and, if an area needs some special attention, you can detach the pole and use it as a hand sander. It’s adaptable and easy-to-use, which can cut your working time down by a significant amount.

More Ergonomic and Better for Your Body

The ease of use that comes with the Radius 360 is simply better for your body overall. Instead of craning your neck and contorting your body to get into all the places that need sanding, you can reach them easily from the floor. That means less ladders, less hazards, and less opportunities for you to get hurt or feel sore while doing your work. And if you’re more comfortable during the sanding process, you can get more done, so your painting project will be over faster.

The Radius 360 is one of the best sanding tools available on the market today and is available from your local Toronto paint store Primetime Paint & Paper. It’s easy use, many features, and large working surface can make quick work of almost any painting surface. And the results will show once everything’s done. So if you want to get your painting project finished faster and with better results, consider getting the Radius 360 sanding tool.