Unique Wallpaper Design Ideas For Your Home

wallpaper design ideas

It would be wrong to say that wallpaper is back because wallpaper has never really gone out of style. But wallpaper has evolved, and that’s given many people even more opportunity to get creative with its use. We’ve seen a lot of great wallpaper uses in homes around the world, many of which create something that’s truly unique and beautiful. Here are three innovative ways you can put wallpaper to use in your next decorating project.

Custom Mosaic Wallpaper

A mosaic is an art style that uses thousands of tiny tiles to create large and intricate patterns. Up close, the tiles are just flecks of colour, but together, they create something that’s much more beautiful and amazing. When it comes to wallpaper, this same effect can be created using the many different styles, textures, and colours that are available in wallpaper. Think about it: by cutting up intricate patterns of wallpaper, you can splice them together in a room for something wholly different while it still having a unifying theme. Ideas include using wallpaper of maps with old style globes for an office or even kid’s bedroom that ties all together. This idea could save you some money as well, using scraps of wallpaper to make something new rather than just buying a whole new roll for a new project.

Bring Mirrors in for Texture

While you can buy wallpaper in all manner of textures, including the soft threads of grasscloth wallpaper or the bumpy imperfection of textured paper, mirrors offer this in a whole different way. With the use of some differently-shaped mirrors, the wallpaper is reflected to give a unique texture to the walls while giving you a place to check yourself before heading out. This idea is particularly popular in bathrooms, where mirrors are commonplace and absolutely necessary. It can add some depth to otherwise flat styles and still maintain a visual cohesion.

Asian Inspired Room Flair

Asian-inspired rooms traditionally leave the walls fairly plain, relying on intricate and beautiful decorative pieces elsewhere to give the room texture and style. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With some well-placed wallpaper, maybe just the top half of the walls, you can add to the style without making the whole room feel too busy It can maintain that exotic look that you love, even push it a little further, and give you something that people will remember and love.

Wallpaper has exploded in the past few years because of the many different ways that people can use it, and the many different materials that are used. Vinyl wallpaper is simply no longer the only option available, and the breadth of wallpaper designs and colours means that the possibilities are simply endless. So whether you want a new spin on an old favourite, or a new look that no one has ever done before wallpaper is the way to do it. And a visit to your local wallpaper store is the first step to discover the right look for your home.