Three Big Reasons You’ll Love Wallpaper In Any Room

living room with wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the best choices for renovations. Not only is it beautiful, coming in a variety of colours and textures, but it can also save you money. Here’s three reasons wallpaper will shine in your next home renovation.

1. Fun Patterns and Textures
Yes, paint comes in a seemingly endless amount of colours, shades, and textures, but none can measure up to the ease and diversity of wallpaper. In general, paint comes in only a few different materials, and all of them have similar properties, so getting something beyond the colour can be extremely difficult and time consuming. But wallpaper comes in almost as many materials as it does patterns and shades, so you can add texture to a room that paint simply cannot, like the soft weave of grass wallpaper, or the shiny durability of vinyl. And on top of the texture, wallpaper can give you consistent patterns that are already done, so you can have something beautiful and unique without needing an arts degree.

2. Easy Installation
Getting great looking walls is never easier than with wallpaper, which can go up in a fraction of the time it takes to paint a room, and often for a lot less money. Think about it: proper paint jobs require all sorts of materials: brushes, rollers, tape, containers, not to mention the paint itself. When you gather all of that together (inevitably more than you actually need), it becomes both time consuming and expensive. But with wallpaper, all you need is some rollers, glue, and the wallpaper. No need for multiple coats. No time wasted cleaning brushes to be stored for later. And that means you’ll have a whole new look for your home in a surprisingly little amount of time.

3. Built to Last
One aspect of wallpaper people rarely think about is its staying power. Unlike paint, which can chip, alligator, fall apart, and otherwise look awful in a short amount of time, correctly installed wallpaper can last for years and years, and take a beating along the way. Certain wallpaper materials are especially great for homes with kids or a lot of activity, since it’s so durable and resistant to tears or damage. Others are particularly suited for certain climates, and will last longer than paint simply because they can resist moisture or dryness. So if you want something that looks great and will last longer than a simple paint job, wallpaper is your best option.

To say wallpaper is making a comeback is a bit of a misnomer because it never really left the scene. For centuries, people have seen what wallpaper can do for a room, and the variety of textures, patterns, and shades have only increased as time goes on. But on top of truly unique looks, wallpaper goes up in a flash, letting you completely change a room’s look with less effort than paint. And it could last longer as well, which is good for your home, and your wallet. So before you choose a paint, why not look at the world of wallpaper for your next renovation? You could get something no one else has, and help your decor truly stand out.

Learn Why Benjamin Moore Is Right For Your Project

aura paint cans in a benjamin moore store

Beyond simply discussing the reasons why Benjamin Moore paints are great for your walls, we’ll instead take a look at the paint brand in general, as there is much to be said about a company that truly cares about it’s customers and their communities. Benjamin Moore paints has a belief that paint is more than simply colours on the wall. Indeed, it’s more than the friendly staff at your local Benjamin Moore paint store or a huge selection of paint colours available to choose from. There is more to Benjamin Moore than simply the most advanced paint technology in the market. Here’s just three reasons why Benjamin Moore is right for your next project beyond simply the quality of our products.

Environmentally-Friendly Products

Benjamin Moore paints are widely trusted and used by people and businesses all around the world. The reasons vary, but it’s mostly because people love their colours and the quality of their product. But many other people love Benjamin Moore paints because the paint itself is much, much better for the environment. Benjamin Moore has spent a significant amount of our time and money on developing paint that’s not only better for the world we live in, but to implement their own internal environmental commitments worldwide. So when California passed new laws that raised the standard of paints used in the state, Benjamin Moore was ready and made sure those standards were met in every paint, in every line, in every part of the world. Benjamin Moore Natura™ paint has even received an official asthma & allergy friendly certification.

Giving Back

As a company, Benjamin Moore knows their success is due to their customers and the communities they live in. They strive to be more than a paint manufacturer because they know their customers are more than paint supply buyers. That’s why Benjamin Moore is dedicated to providing the services and products to charities and initiatives in almost every community in which they work. This includes housing initiatives, preserving historic sites, and much more, all improved through the power of paint and painting supplies. So when you come into a Benjamin Moore store, you know your money is also going back into your local community, keeping it alive and helping those in need.

Safety First

Paint, many people don’t know, can be quite dangerous, and Benjamin Moore is dedicated to keeping everyone safe. Whether it’s a staff member making the paint in one of our top of the line laboratories, or a customer taking the paint home, we want to keep everyone safe and happy. Their practices are varied but include strict safety regulations, and regular drills with local emergency personnel, for their employees. For you, this means giving you all the information you need before you their products.

Selecting the right paint comes down to so much more than colour and materials. It also includes thinking about how a company works with you, your community, and its own workers. With Benjamin Moore, safety, sustainability, and giving back are top priorities, and these all translate to benefits for you and your neighbours.