Why Bother Buying Wallpaper At Your Local Retailer?

We can buy wallpaper pretty much anywhere these days, the internet, big box retailers, and local stores are just a few places, but one of these options let you see the paper in person and can give you expert advice on installing and maintaining your wallpaper. There are so many advantages to choosing a local store over the internet or big box stores, reasons that can save you time, money, and needless stress when you’re beautifying your home.

Your Monitor Is Not A Wallpaper Sample

The internet is a great place to look at wallpaper, but it’s hard to hold your computer monitor up to your wall and consider it’s look, especially if your brightness setting is a little low. The fact is wallpaper needs to be seen in real life and in the right context. That’s where a local retailer can give you a firsthand glimpse at how your wallpaper selections may look in your home. And if you go to a wallpaper store and you’re still unsure, ask for a small sample to take home. Your computer monitor is good for movies, but wallpaper needs to be seen in real life to get a proper idea of how it will look.

Big Box or Local Store, Who Do You Trust?

Big box retailers may seem like a great place to go for wallpaper, but there’s a few problems with choosing these massive stores over a more focused and local retailer. First, local stores staff people who love interior decorating, painting, and wallpaper, not a teenager who needs money to go to the movies with their friends. So you’re more likely to get great advice and professional, quality service at a local wallpaper store. These people know what they’re talking about and can help you find the perfect wallpaper for your needs. Plus, they can hook you up with a professional wallpapering contractor, so they can do all the work and you can get that paper into your home faster and with less stress.

The True Cost Of Saving A Few Bucks

But many people argue that it all comes down to price, that a local store costs a little more than an online retailer or big box store and they can’t justify spending the extra money. This is, by and large, an assumption rather than a claim made on research. Yes, local stores can cost more, but they have sales and competitive pricing on many products, and no online store or giant retail chain can match the advice and service you’ll get at a local store. Plus, with their connections to local installers, decorators, and more, you can get discounts and deals on every step of the process, from picking out your decor choices to having it professional put up in no time at all.

Wallpaper stores are one of the best resources people can go to for their decorating needs. Combining the benefits of the internet and big chain stores with that local care, attention, and knowledge, a local paint & wallpaper store will save you time, money, and a whole bunch of stress.

3 Reasons Wallpaper Will Never Go Out Of Style

wallpaper in a toronto area home

Design experts will lead you to believe that wallpaper is making a comeback, that it’s returning after years of paint taking the centre stage for home decor, but they’re lying. They’re telling the truth when they say wallpaper has never been more popular. They’re also telling the truth when they talk about new technologies giving you more options for colours, patterns, and textures. But to say wallpaper is making a comeback is silly. Wallpaper never left, it’s always been a great addition to anyone’s home decor. So if it’s never gone out of style, it certainly isn’t going anywhere in the future. Here’s 3 reasons why wallpaper remains one of the best choices for your walls.

1. Endless Patterns and Textures

Whether it’s your kids’ favourite TV characters or a beautiful hand-painted design recommended by an interior designer, there’s patterns for wallpaper that can give any room a unique flavour. Getting a beautiful pattern is easier with wallpaper, and more consistent, and new patterns are coming out everyday, so there’s a pattern that works for you. But we’re not just talking patterns, we’re also talking textures. Wallpaper is so much more than just a flat, heavy paper, it can come in all sorts of materials that can add depth and beauty to any room. For something soft, look for grasscloth wallpaper, which is both environmentally friendly and textured to give rooms a more comfortable and homey feel. For something bold, look to vinyl wallpaper, which can come in deep colours and patterns that are less likely to fade with time.

2. Lots of Colour Choices

If there’s nearly infinite patterns and colours for wallpaper, there’s at least as many colours. Since wallpaper can come in different textures, the colours, tones, and intensities found in wallpaper rival or even exceed paint, which can look different but is still essentially the same texture. Wallpaper has a broad range of colours with each type, all of which can bring a new dynamic to your home decor, so rather than going with boring old paint, try some cool new wallpapers that can play off your home’s style in exciting and interesting new ways.

3. Endurance

Paint chips, alligators, and bubbles. It scratches off and gets marked up, but wallpaper can last. Even better, wallpaper can clean up easier without needing to get a paintbrush and touch up. Especially in kids’ rooms, where your walls can take a beating, wallpaper can save your home from damage and require less touching up. Look for wallpaper styles that put endurance and durability first, like vinyl, that will stand up to most accidents and won’t need additional painting to make everything look brand new again.

Wallpaper is here to stay, so why not go and check out all the exciting ways it can add to your home’s style. Whether it’s eco-conscious grasscloth or a beautiful pattern for your living room, wallpaper gives you more access to colours, textures, and patterns than paint. And that’s why wallpaper is here to stay.

3 Steps To Save Money By Painting Your Home Yourself

woman about to paint room

We can get a lot of people to do our work for us, whether that’s getting Amazon to deliver our shopping to us, delegate snow shoveling to our kids or young neighbourhood entrepreneurs, or getting someone to paint our homes. With painting especially, we can often do the job ourselves with acceptable results. After all, a passable paint job takes more time than skill. Here are three ways you can save some money by doing your next painting project yourself.

Get the Right Tools

Painting is more than just a bucket of paint and a paint brush. You need to be fully equipped with extra paint brushes, rollers, painting tape, and plastic sheets to keep your house clean. There’s no such thing as a quick paint job, just a job done right with minimal clean up. Getting the right tools makes sure that most of your time will be dedicated to painting, not cleaning up mistakes made along the way.

Use Quality Paint

Quality paint is the best way to get the right look sooner. Many stores will try and sell you bargain basement paint, claiming you can save money through cheaper paint. But cheaper paint requires more coats and more work. If you combine the increased amount of paint and the extra time you spend applying it, a quality paint is actually cheaper overall. But high quality paint is just the first step. Always get the right paint for the job as well. Exterior paint jobs, for example, will look awful and fall apart faster if a person is painting using interior paint. By getting the right paint for the job, you’ll save time and money.

Properly Prepare the Area for Painting

Most problems with people’s paint jobs happen before they’ve even started putting paint on the walls. Alligatoring, peeling, and many other problems are mostly caused by one major factor: a lack of proper preparation. Always prep your walls for a new paint job by sanding it down, replacing or removing damaged parts of the wall, and applying a quality primer as the first couple of coats. A properly prepared wall will look better, last longer, and be less likely to fall prey to many of the problems that come from doing a poor job at the very beginning.

There are many instances when painting projects yourself is the best choice; you can save money and enjoy the work itself by dedicating some time to the job. But there are instances when getting a professional painter is almost entirely necessary. More technical jobs or painting in dangerous areas (like at heights) are best handled by a professional painting contractor. But for your average painting job, you can save some time and money by following the suggestions above. With the right tools, paint, and preparation, you’ll be done before you know it and may even have some left over money. If that’s the case, go out there and treat yourself for a job well done.