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IdeaPaint CREATE – Innovative Whiteboard Paint

ideapaint create on Primetime Paint & Paper store shelvesNo office space is complete without a dry erase board, but most people struggle to use those expensive little whiteboards you buy at the office supply stores. They’re barely large enough to write your shopping list on, but buying a whiteboard large enough to handle an impressive flow of thoughts can cost thousands of dollars.

That’s why more and more people are turning to the novel and creative solution of painting their own dry erase whiteboard.

We’re not talking simply painting a conventional whiteboard. We’re talking about transforming the fundamental idea of what a whiteboard is; broadening the both the possibilities of and the landscape on which typical whiteboard collaboration occurs.

Imagine the possibilities of truly harnessing your environment in this way; enabling impromptu brainstorming sessions, allowing people to jot down their thoughts at virtually any moment, or having the ability to spontaneously explain difficult concepts through forms that only a whiteboard can allow.

It is through the promotion of thought preservation that fleeting ideas bud into powerhouse concepts, and it is through a custom whiteboard that these possibilities can be realized.

Lucky for you, IdeaPaint CREATE has been purpose built for this task – whether it’s in the classroom, in the home, or in the boardroom.

Colour Options

The latest in dry erase whiteboard paint IdeaPaint CREATE provides boundless creativity and collaboration through three separate colour formulas:

IdeaPaint CREATE Clear
Clear dry erase paint isn’t even a colour, it’s a non-colour allowing you to turn any existing colour into a dry erase board. That means you can turn your blue wall into a dry erase board, you can create customized and creative innovative solutions; giant calendars, huge charts, or even impressive artwork.

IdeaPaint CREATE White
Does the classic white board suit your style? IdeaPaint has your walls covered with their white formulation. Even the standard white is much more than a simple white board, it’s a white board you can paint anywhere you want!

IdeaPaint CREATE Black
No selection of whiteboard paint would be complete without a black variation. Who says whiteboards need to be white? Smash through conventional thought and pry open your mind to the possibilities of painting a black white board. The possibilities are endless with IdeaPaint CREATE black.

Why Choose IdeaPaint CREATE?

The latest in dry erase paint technology provides many alluring features:

Easy Application
IdeaPaint CREATE can be applied directly to any surface in a single coat. Application using the included roller is recommended for most white board paint installations. For the easiest application, hire a professional to do it for you!

HVLP Spray Application
Concerned about having a smooth writing surface? You’re in luck. IdeaPaint CREATE is the only whiteboard paint formula that can applied via HVLP paint spraying application. What’s that mean? The smoothest dry erase paint writing surface money can buy, that’s what.

Food Safe Formula
IdeaPaint CREATE utilizes a special food safe formula, allowing for innovative and novel creations of custom counter-tops and restaurant tables.

Virtually Odourless
IdeaPaint CREATE meets Further, it can be painted in high-traffic areas without worry of offending odour sensitive individuals. It also meets

Low VOC Dry Erase Paint
IdeaPaint CREATE is a low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint product, fully adhereing to the VOC limitations that have been established by such organizations as the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

For more information, or to buy IdeaPaint CREATE in Toronto – please contact us for details.