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Large Farrow & Ball paint color chips next to paint colour sheet

Farrow & Ball Paint

Farrow & Ball's paint color book showcasing a huge selection of interior and exterior paint colours

Crafted by “paint pioneer” John Farrow in 1946, Farrow & Ball have grown quite a bit out of their original birth place of Dorset, England. The beginnings of the Farrow & Ball formulation utilized only the finest ingredients and age-old methods – both of which are still key factors in the Farrow & Ball paint brand to this day.

The make-up of Farrow & Ball’s paints are a work of true alchemy. Utilizing the highest level of pigmentation, rich resin binders, and a high level of refractory that come together to produce the signature Farrow & Ball depth of colour so sought after.

Farrow & Ball paint is available in 132 colours featuring a selection of interior, exterior, modern, and traditional finishes. For more details on Farrow & Ball paints be sure to visit your local paint store in Toronto.

Available in a Wide Range of Finishes

A Winborne White No.239 in Estate Emulsion can of Farrow & Ball paint

Farrow & Ball is available in a wide range of finishes to suit your home and project:

  • Dead Flat
  • Estate Eggshell
  • Estate Emulsion
  • Exterior Eggshell
  • Exterior Masonry
  • Floor Paint
  • Full Gloss
  • Modern Emulsion

For more details on Farrow & Ball finishes, please visit our store or give us a call.

Eco-Friendly Paints & Practices

eco-friendly Farrow & Ball paint solutions

Featuring a water-based formula, Farrow & Ball is a zero or minimal VOC based paint formula. This means low-odour painting which is fantastic for your home or place of business. Whether you select an interior paint or exterior paint the entire range of paints utilizes a water-base – so you can rest assured you’re getting the most eco-friendly paint option that Farrow & Ball has to offer.

It’s important to do everything possible to protect and conserve our environment, and Farrow & Ball does everything possible to minimize their impact from raw material, energy usage, packaging, distribution methods, and more. The company is motivated to eliminate as much as is possible their negative impact on the environment.

Need a hand? We’ll help you find the best solution for your project.