Must Have Painting Supplies For Your Interior Project

A fresh coat of paint can do a lot for a room, and it is the type of project that almost any person can do. While it is true that just about anybody can do their own interior painting, you need [...]

The Paint Roller, A Piece Of Toronto’s History

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Dollar Store Painting Supplies, The High Cost of Cheap

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Why Choose The Radius 360 Sanding Tool?

The Radius 360 sanding tool is a tried and tested way to get the best sanding results for your drywall and surfaces alike. Consisting of an attachable pole-mount, a large circular working [...]

Why Do Painting Contractors Always Wear White?

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A Brief History of The Paintbrush

Painting has been an integral part of humanity since before recorded history. Our ancestors used sticks, split palm leaves, bones, and even wood shavings to depict what mattered most to them. In [...]

Why Use an 18″ Paint Roller?

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The Advantages of Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

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How to Choose a Paint Brush

Paint brushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Most novice painters don’t know which brushes to choose when starting a job, and will end up using more paint, time, and effort [...]